Teachers- Instructional Workshop

Our most popular workshop is geared to the support of teachers in implementing the Proven Practices of Effective Civic Education. We specialize in modeling effective instruction using these principles within engaging student centered activities. One of the most important calls for action in “The Nation is (Still) at Risk” is the need for Civics course to becoming more engaging, activity based course that DO civics. That is our true aim!

Modern Civics Workshop- Example Template

Learning Targets:

  1. Create Civic Education programs capable of preparing students to participate in democratic processes.

  2. Examine the Current State of Civic Education

  3. Explore research based  proven practices of effective Civic Education.

  4. Strategize for the effective deployment of these  practices in my school/district.

  5. Deploy tools and procedures to address the need for digital citizenship as part of modern civic engagement.

Course Outline:

1. Activity:  Defining the skills necessary to be an informed and active citizen today.

2. Inquiry Activity into the State of Modern Civic Education

3. The Proven Practices of Effective Civic Education: We will look at each of these practices and explore how to implement them in innovative and modern ways, using technology to maximize the effectiveness in developing students capable of accessing the democratic processes in their communities.

A. Classroom Instruction: Civics, Government and Law

  1. How civic education can be implemented throughout the school and curriculumDiscussion of Current Events and Controversial Issues

  2. Methods for making discussions of controversial issues open, transparent and safe for students.

  3. Tools that can help prepare students to participate appropriately in modern online civic conversations

B. Service-Learning

  1. Models for Civic Action and participation from individual student products to group and community based initiatives.  

  2. Using Design thinking to support the creation of student driven projects.  

C. Extracurricular Activities

  1. Inventory of school activities that support civic skill

  2. Student Participation in School Governance

    a. Examples for involving students in the most easily accessible democratic processes; those of the school.  

  3. Simulations of Democratic Processes

    a. Analog and online resources to create deeper learning and understanding of democratic processes.

  4. News Media Literacy

    a. Tools to support teacher and students

    b. Procedures to build critical thinking without fostering cynicism

  5. Action Civics

    a. Resources and student examples of effective Action Civics

  6. Social Emotional Learning

  7. School Climate Reform