The Civic Mission of Schools (2003)

This report by the Carnegie Corporation of New York laid out the need for quality civic education in schools and is essential reading to anyone who will be writing or revising civic education curriculum. It established the “6 Proven Practices of Civic Education”

Guardians of Democracy: The Civic Mission of Schools (2011) picks up where “Civic Mission of Schools” left off, renewing the cry for an emphasis on civc education in schools.

Guidebook: Six Proven Practices for Effective Civic Education (2016)

This guide book addresses each of the proven practices as well as resources to support the development of each and examples of schools who have implemented succesfull programs.

The Republic is (Still) at Risk— and Civics is Part of the Solution (2017)

This report again called for improvements in Ciivc Education. Citing statistical evidence for the need, it is a must read for educators who are looking for the empirical evidence to make a case for reform in civic education. It chronicles the slow decline in civic education instruction beginning in 2003.

It also added 4 additional areas Practices to create effective civic education instruction.