What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education (via NPR)

This website will let you take a look at the current laws and requirements for civic education in your state. While the links below will bring you to examples of civics education laws, the above link is a great way to survey a broad spectrum of laws.


Civic s Education Act, Chapter 2010-48


On August 21, 2015, Governor Rauner signed House Bill (HB) 4025 (Public Act 99-0434) into law.


Governor Baker Signs Bill to Promote Civic Education for Students (2018)

[Legislation] S.2631: An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement

About the MA Civic Education Law /  About the Civics Project Trust Fund


Nebraska Expansion of Civics Curriculum Legislation: Legislative Bill 544, April 26th 2011

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Media Literacy Legislation: https://medialiteracynow.org/your-state-legislation/rhode-island-legislation/

RI Media Literacy Report  (Media Education Lab)