Upcoming Events 

EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops

Shawn McCusker (Chicago, June 17-19) | Tom Driscoll (Boston, July 8-9)

Modern Digital Citizenship and Civic Education

There are powerful ways to prepare students for the rights and duties of citizenship in a connected classroom! Energize Civic Education in your school by leveraging powerful technology, innovative pedagogy (such as Design Thinking and PBL) and emphasizing the “6 Modern Practices that Constitute High Quality Civic Learning” including: effective classroom instruction, the discussion of current and controversial topics, meaningful service learning, and powerful and immersive simulations of government processes. Join us to explore the skills that students need to be educated and prepared to participate responsibly in the modern democratic process, and how can we construct Civic Education to effectively meet this need.

Past Events 

Innovation in Education Conference

Woodstock, VT. April 3-4th, 2019


Shawn McCusker from EdTechTeacher will explore the concept of how to create the informed citizen in relation to modern news and information.

Learn more about conference in VT in 2019 here!

Day 1:

We will explore the concept of the informed citizen in relation to modern news and information. What are the trends behind how people are consuming news and using social media that have influence the politics reality around the world. What skills must we develop and what tools can we employ to evaluate the constant stream of news and information at our fingertips? How does the current reality change how we might look at academic research. The day will emphasize hands-on activities and tools that teachers can employ for themselves and for the students. 

Day 2:

We will explore the concept of how we define our collective values as a society in a world that is increasingly personalized and individual. We will also focus on discussing the overlap between the traditional concept of “the Citizen” with the concept of “Digital Citizenship,” We will also look at the how we can conduct meaningful, open and objective conversations about Civic Education in our classrooms.