Leading Innovation in Civic Education: MassCUE/MASCD Video & Presentation Resources

Tom and Shawn recently had the privilege of leading a session at the 2019 MassCUE / MASCD Leadership Conference in Worcester, MA. This was the first opportunity for us to present together on this topic and we are so excited to be diving into this work! We quickly realized that our 45 minute session had about 2+ hours worth of content, so we’ll need to adjust this a bit moving forward… Nevertheless, below are the slides and video of our conference session. Check it out, feel free to share with colleagues, and reach out to us with any questions or ideas you have to share!

Session Slides Here

Summer Workshop Series

As part of the EdTechTeacher Summer Workshop Series, Tom and Shawn are leading sessions in Boston and Chicago on Modern Digital Citizenship and Civic Education! Learn more here: https://edtechteacher.org/summer/

Boston - Civics (1).png
Chicago - Modern Civics (1).png