Modern Civic Education Summer Workshop in Boston + Free Registration Opportunity

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As part of the EdTechTeacher Summer Workshop Series, we are excited to be hosting a 2-Day Modern Civics workshop in Boston on July 8th and 9th. Consider joining us for an exciting event with colleagues from across the nation!

We are currently offering a 50% discount to readers of this blog! Click here to register with the discount applied. In addition, we are offering a limited number of free registrations. To learn more about how to access the free registration, send an email to Tom Driscoll ( expressing your interest in attending the workshop and he will get back to you asap with details.

Modern Civics Workshop Description

There are powerful ways to prepare students for the rights and duties of citizenship in a connected classroom! Energize Civic Education in your school by leveraging powerful technology, innovative pedagogy (such as Design Thinking and PBL) and emphasizing the “6 Modern Practices that Constitute High Quality Civic Learning” including: effective classroom instruction, the discussion of current and controversial topics, meaningful service learning, and powerful and immersive simulations of government processes. Join us to explore the skills that students need to be educated and prepared to participate responsibly in the modern democratic process, and how can we construct Civic Education to effectively meet this need.



  • What are the skills necessary to be an informed and active modern citizen?

  • Examining the Current State of Civic Education

  • Discussion of Current Events and Controversial Issues

  • Service-Learning

  • Simulations of Democratic Processes

  • News Media Literacy

  • Action Civics


  • Leveraging educational technologies to enhance best practices in Civic Education.

  • Advocacy and mobilization using modern technologies (ex. social media campaigns)

  • Gamification, Game-Based Learning and Simulations in Civic Ed

  • Planning for the effective implementation of these practices in my school/district.

We hope to see you in Boston! Reach out to Tom (driscoll@edtechteacher) with any questions you may have.