The Modern Civics Project, an EdTechTeacher Innovation Project led by Tom Driscoll & Shawn McCusker, explores innovations in Civic Education and provides resources and strategies for educators to enhance civic education in their classrooms, schools and organizations.


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Amplify and Accelerate Innovation in Civic Education

Our mission is to help educators and school leaders accelerate innovations in civic education that lead to more informed and engaged citizens in our modern democracy. In this process, we aim to elevate the status of civic education by sharing inspiring stories and practical strategies that can help transform the learning experience for our next generation of citizens.


All students deserve civic education experiences that are:

  • Relevant, authentic and connected to the their communities.

  • Grounded in student-centered practices such as Project Based Learning, Personalized Learning and Design Thinking.

  • Effective in leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences and unlock those there were previously inconceivable.

Today’s graduates must be prepared to:

  • Effectively engage in modern civic life.

  • Evaluate the validity of information and claims across various digital platforms.

  • Take and defend positions across multiple mediums.

  • Leverage technology to inform and mobilize their community around ideas they care about.



Tom Driscoll is the Digital Learning Director for the Bristol Warren Regional School District in Rhode Island. He has also joined the team at EdTechTeacher in 2017, providing schools, districts, and educational organizations a range of consulting and professional development services aimed at transforming teaching and learning with technology. 


Previously, Tom taught high school social studies in Connecticut while also regularly speaking at conferences and consulting with school districts across the nation. His civics classes regularly competed in the Center for Civic Education’s We The People State Hearings and developed solutions to local issues via the CCE’s Project Citizen Program.

Tom has a Master’s Degree in Computing in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and continues to research how innovative applications of emerging technologies can fundamentally transform teaching and personalize student learning. Tom lives in Coventry, RI with his wife Michaela and two young children. He can be spotted across Rhode Island coaching the sport he loves (former Vassar College Basketball player) as well as every other rec and travel team his kids end up involved in. 



Shawn McCusker has 25 years of experience as a middle and high school teacher in public, private and alternative schools. In 2006, he was recognized as a finalist for the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching. An innovator in the creation and organization of online learning communities such as the #sschat, #1to1techat and #engsschat on Twitter, he is an expert in both iPad and Chromebook integration in the classroom.  His innovative lessons and student products have been shared nationwide and have been featured in the Journal,  Educational Leadership, and the Huffington Post. In 2016 he was named a Top Trailblazing Educator on Twitter by eSchoolNews.

An inspiring speaker, he has keynoted the IOWA 1:1 Conference, Innovation Summit San Diego and the Illinois School Library Media Association as well as providing local keynotes at the Goleta Schools (CA), Huntley Summer Conference (IL) and Shrewsbury Summer Institute (MA). Shawn has presented at NCSS, Ipad Summit Boston, the Leading Future Learning Summit, ICE, and CASE. Shawn is a Speaker, Instructor, and presenter with EdTechTeacher and is a Google Education Trainer.  Shawn holds an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago and B.A. in History from Northern Illinois University.